Interested in getting a quote for our services?

3D Smiths operates a digital modeling and 3D print service hub out of Los Angeles and can ship across the United States and internationally. Here’s some general Information to get you started:


We charge $600/8-hr day for custom digital sculpting and 3D print prep commissions

These can be broken down into tiers based on sculpt complexity:

Tier 1:

Detailed 2-3 week sculpts, multi-character-part prints, 10"-24" larger scale IP pitch maquettes, these usually cost from $3-10K+ range including prints and paint. We can also create custom packaging for transport.


Tier 2: 

3-5 day sculpts, keyed multi-part prints, between 5-10" height, $1,500-$3,000, costs including prints


Tier 3: 

1-2 day sculpts, simple 1-part prints, between 2-5" height, $500-$1500, costs including prints


Want a custom estimate?

Here's how our estimate works. 

Email us at or fill out this form

Make sure to upload your 3D model or 2D images here

We send you an estimate for your project and answer any questions

Once estimate is approved we begin work and when we’re finished with revisions, we send you an invoice that you can pay online

We handle prep, 3D print, clean-up and shipping to your door


Need molding & casting?

In addition to our 3D printing service, we can help you optimize your models for molding in silicone and produce a small batch of resin castings. Inquire for further details here.